"Schoolwide Positive Behavior Support for Mental Health"

So what is SESAME?

SESAME (Schoolwide Positive Behavior Support for Mental Health) is a three-tiered system of support designed to create a safe learning environment for the whole school, in order to prevent the development of internalizing psychosocial disorders in students. SESAME is characterized in particular by the fact that evidence-based methods for assessment and intervention at different support tiers are linked together. The intensity of assessment and intervention depends on the needs of the students.


We develop a culturally sensitive and technologically advanced adaptation of SW-PBS for secondary schools in various European contexts.

We develop an innovative training pathway for educational professionals in inclusive schools based on SW-PBS.

We develop a SESAME-APP for the successful implementation of SW-PBS methods.

We implement and pilot the SESAME model in secondary schools.


By implementing the SESAME model, we expect improvements on the following levels:


We seek to improve school 
climate and digitalization.


We target to elevate the educators’ competence in the prevention of and dealing with psychosocial problems as well as their job satisfaction.


We aim to raise the students’ psychosocial health and social integration!

Who SESAME project is for?


SESAME project can help students not only with their behavioral outcomes towards educational environment, but also improve their social interaction with other students, helps manage stress/anxiety and boost school performance overall.

School Administration

Schools are expected to get an improved performance and thanks to SESAME project it will be easier to achieve both school environment and student behavior improvement.

Education Staff

The SWPBS approach SESAME has originated from, is also beneficial for teachers, trainers, school counsellors, researchers and other school staff, who will develop competencies in the effective support of students and their educational challenges.